#44: Anthony Pompliano – How an Army Sergeant became a Product Manager at Facebook

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Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is best known for his hustle. Since early years, he’s been coming up with business ideas and today he invests in companies and helps them grow.

Before he became a Venture Capitalist, Pomp served as a Sergeant in the US Army, founded and exited 2 companies and then broke into Facebook as a Product Manager.

On this episode, Pomp drops a lot of gems on how he helps companies grow and what he did to get his job at Facebook.


Years in Tech 4
Born In North Carolina
Current Job Software Engineer
Date Recorded 3/25/2017

Show Notes:

[02:02] Anthony lays out his description of growth and recalls how he started developing his entrepreneurial skills.

[04:15] Anthony talks about the difference between his two degrees in Economics and Sociology, his dad telling him to make a job, and the biggest lessons in the military

[08:15] Anthony clearly describes what the day-to-day looked like for a Product and Growth role in the past and how this prepared him to level up in different organizations over time.

[13:07] How he prepared for his job search in Facebook, two ways if you want to learn how to do something, and recognizing the patterns of high quality candidates

[19:25] The major difference between the military and the workforce and the two great pieces of advice he got to help him with his transition to the Silicon Valley.

[22:29] Growth at large companies vs a small startup, a Facebook framework he learned which he still uses until now, and the importance of setting up metrics and counter-metrics

[27:30] Why Anthony joined the Veteran Conference, framing up the proper mindset, veterans’ struggles from human and professional standpoints

[30:40] How you can translate your military experience into the civilian world, focusing more on traits-based hiring, and how Shift.org can help tech companies in their hiring process

[38:01] Anthony breaks down the path of veterans interested in breaking into startups and how he sees the future in tech and its impact in biotechnology and life in general.

[56:36] What Anthony does when he makes his investment decisions with the help of automating pattern recognition

[1:02:53] Find out what different superhero powers we want! What do you want? (Comment below.)

Contact Info:

Anthony Pompliano

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonypompliano/

Twitter: @APompliano

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

Veteran Conference




Term Sheet by Fortune




The Art of Product Management by Rich Mironov

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel

The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Originals by Adam Grant

Think Bigger by Mark Van Rijmenam

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