#57: Kelvin Lightner – Tax Consultant from Deloitte Become A Software Engineer at Intuit

Kelvin Lightner is a software engineer apprentice at Intuit and a graduate of Dev Bootcamp. Prior to tech, Kelvin has a double major in Legal Studies and Economics from UC Berkeley and he worked as a consultant at Deloitte.

A true lover of logic, he jumped from management consulting to tech with this strong belief that the end does not justify the means. Kevin has drawn great support from #YesWeCode, an organization that helps people from underrepresented backgrounds break into the tech space.


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Years in Tech1
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobSoftware Engineer
Date Recorded5/27/2017

Contact Info:

Kelvin Lightner

LinkedIn: Kelvin Lightner

Facebook: Kelvin Lightner

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

Dev Bootcamp


Free Code Camp



Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell


Show Notes:

[01:35] Kelvin talks about the importance of logic, his educational background that led to being recruited by Deloitte, and family influence.

[04:15] Initially thinking you had to start to learn coding at 6 years old, Kevin explains why the end does not necessarily justify the means.

[08:15] Walking away from Deloitte, Kelvin shares the importance of doing what you love and what brings you life.

[13:20] Kelvin's turning point was when he realized he was no longer thankful so he started exploring his options and looked into software engineering as an opportunity.

[15:23] Find out the opportunity that opened for him after he went to a graduation ceremony at Dev Bootcamp and why he considers #YesWeCode as his micro-family.

[17:40] Kelvin talks about how Dev Bootcamp tailors the learning to their students and why they want students to fail well.

[19:10] #YesWeCode's goal of lifting the community of minority students, how to apply to #YesWeCode, and resources you can use to help prepare for it

[23:23] Kelvin walks us through the concept of engineering empathy, the different three-week phases at Dev Bootcamp, and the benefits of pair programming.

[32:57] After putting out 50-60 resumes a week (plus cover letters), it basically took 50 days for Kevin to get a job from graduating at Dev Bootcamp to working at Intuit.

[36:50] What the apprenticeship program at Intuit was like and his advice to other companies thinking about starting out apprenticeship programs.

[40:35] The benefits of the apprenticeship model and what Kelvin brings to the table besides his engineering skills

[47:20] The importance of timing yourself with your problem-solving and knowing that it's okay to not have it all figured out

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