#58: Tiger Shen – An 18-Year-Old Software Engineer Who Worked at Square and Braintree

Tiger Shen is the youngest engineer ever interviewed here on the podcast. He interned at Caviar (then acquired by Square) at 15, graduated from high school at 16, and went right into full-time software development at Braintree at 17. He then joined Bradfield School of Computer Science that offers small, focused three to four-week courses teaching traditional computer science curriculum. Today, Tiger shares about his learning tactics and how he hustled his way into the tech space at such a young age.


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Years in Tech3
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobSoftware Engineer
Date Recorded5/15/2017

Contact Info:

Tiger Shen

Email Address: [email protected]

Show Notes:

[01:55] From sports to coding, Tiger talks about getting sound advice from his brother/software engineer and why you shouldn't be discouraged if you don't get it the first time.

[05:50] How Tiger's impression of coding changed from being rocket science into something that's actually doable

[07:00] Tiger's job search experience at fifteen years old and how he leveraged his young age to get his foot in the door where he ended up doing an unpaid internship at Caviar

[12:35] Tiger graduated from high school a year earlier and took a gap year while still interning at Caviar which has been acquired by Square at this time.

[14:50] Life after Square: Applying for other internship spots, find out how he had to present himself, turning perceived disadvantages into advantages.

[20:00] Why Tiger thinks it's easier to apply for full-time positions than internships and what the interview process was like at Braintree

[22:50] Tiger's thought process when looking for companies to apply, the lessons he picked up from Braintree, and why he ultimately attended Bradfield.

[30:45] Bradfield's curriculum and timeframe and why it's important to level up even if you already have a full-time job.

[35:10] Tiger describes the Bradfield experience and his next step of creating his own startup together with his brother and another co-founder.

[41:28] Tiger shares some learning strategies, the biggest lesson Tiger continues to live by, and his playbook for breaking into coding.

[49:35] Resources you can use to get started with the coding lingo, what Tiger does to keep his life in balance, and some names in the industry he looks up to.

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