#59: Dr. Carol Langlois – How Self Esteem & Empowerment are Changing the Ratio through Hackbright

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Dr. Carol Langlois is a lifelong educator who used to run the business program at USF. She was the Dean at Mills College and founder of Higher Education Specialists.

She did a dissertation in female self-esteem development that led her to creating a book called Girl Talk where she interviewed over 200 high school women on the subject. It was later turned into a play called Girl Talk: Teen Monologue Series. It’s next performance is going to be on August 24 @ Potrero Stage in SF.


Years in Tech 3
Lives In: Bay Area, CA
Current Job Head Of Admissions
Date Recorded 4/15/2017

Show Notes:

[02:20] Carol describes where the education space is going having had over 20 years of experience working at multiple universities.

[03:50] Carol describes the experience at Mills College and how it’s similar with Hackbright Academy in the sense of women empowerment.

[05:20] How Hackbright Academy helps women overcome the impostor syndrome and their ten-week curriculum

[07:55] The key qualities of successful women coming through Hackbright and the different backgrounds of their students

[10:40] Carol describes the mentors, the sense of community they give to their students as well as job search support, partnerships, tuition fees, and scholarships.

[15:25] Carol’s perspective on the standardization of bootcamps, companies that hire Hackbright grads, student demographics, and alumnae activities and opportunities

[19:00] Some misconceptions about bootcamp grads and her advice to those thinking about transitioning into the coding path

[21:55] Carol explains the application process at Hackbright and their eight-week prep program for people who want to try coding.

[23:00] Carol describes demo day which is where majority of the hires come from and her advice to people in the job search process particularly on personal branding.

[26:06] Other things to expect from Hackbright, Carol’s message to all Hackbright grads, and her key takeaways from her dissertation

[34:22] Carol tells her story of how she got the job at Hackbright and what drew her to the academy.

[35:55] The future of Hackbright Academy

Contact Info:

Carol Langlois

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drclanglois/

Email address: carol@hackbrightacademy.com

Twitter: @drCarolLanglois

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

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Breaking Into Startups Facebook Page

Hackbright Academy

Breaking Into Startups

The Reality of Breaking Into Startups

Climbing the Wrong Hill by cdixon blog

Personal Projects/Partnerships:

Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies, and Body Image by Carol Langlois

Girl Talk: Teen Monologue Series

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