#60: Matthew Tran – Youtube Personality & Founder of Engineered Truth Youtube Channel

Matt Tran is the Founder of Engineered Truth, a YouTube channel with over 240,000 subscribers. He initially followed the traditional path, studying Psychology and Mechanical Engineering in college. He had three jobs as a mechanical engineer but got fired from all of them until he finally started his YouTube channel where he now makes over $10,000 a month.

Matt also attended Dev Mountain, which is a coding bootcamp that he completed to learn how to build web apps.

Tune in to find out how Matt did this and some resources you can use to help you get started if this is something you’re interested in. Also, discover how he negotiated his way to learn coding for free.


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Years in Tech3
Lives In:Los Angeles, CA
Current JobYoutube Personality
Date Recorded7/7/2017

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

App Academy





Personal Projects/Partnerships:

Engineered Truth


The Only Majors to Go to College For

How to Teach Yourself How to Code (ft. Quincy Larson)

4 High-End Careers (No Degree Required)

Book Recommendations:

Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Show Notes:

[01:15] Getting fired from all three of his mechanical jobs, Matt started his own YouTube channel having 4,000 subscribers and making $275 per month.

[05:15] Matt talks about how he started his YouTube channel and the importance of having good titles on YouTube.

[08:00] Choosing the right company is important - "Enjoying you work has more to do with the environment you're putting yourself in than the actual role that you have."

[09:43] Becoming a good communicator: How the likability of the person forms the basis of getting promoted or being given a raise.

[11:30] The coding bootcamp experience: How he negotiated with DevMountain to learn coding for free in exchange for making free videos for them

[15:30] How Matt prepared for his bootcamp experience through freeCodeCamp and killing it being the second best overall

[16:40] Why Matt decided to go into a coding bootcamp and then went back to the Philippines. Now his YouTube income is around $11,000 per month

[18:45] Matt's advice to those considering attending a coding bootcamp, some resources to help you out, and the kind of mentality you need to have

[22:22] Matt gives an overview of his audience demographics on YouTube, why personal branding is important, and some examples of his popular videos.

[24:50] Some good reads to learn more about growth and marketing and some amazing tips in growing your YouTube viewers

[26:15] Listen to us discuss the analogy between gaming and achieving success

[31:35] Matt dishes out some public speaking tips and why eCommerce is a good place to start.

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