#70: Dan Burrill – Director of Inside Sales at Twillio

Dan Burrill is not just the inside sales boss at Twilio but he's also a seasoned executive having spent time with other amazing companies including Box and Honeywell.

A man who’s big on commitment and the power of listening, Dan admits coming to Twilio for one big reason - market opportunity. Twilio operates in the telecommunications industry that has been around for decades and it's fast-forwarding the space into the future. No wonder it’s his favorite among all the companies he’s worked at.

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Years in Tech2
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobDirector of Inside Sales
Date Recorded8/21/2017

Contact Info:

Dan Burrill

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dburrill

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources




Getting More by Stuart Diamond

Show Notes:

[02:15] Dan defines Twilio as a super network aggregating the world's biggest telecom providers into one platform plus an API that enables software developers access some of the world's largest telecom to create custom workflows for communication.

[02:45] Dan illustrates how custom workflows for communication work and the complexities happening behind the scenes of phone calls and text messages.

[05:00] As an insides sales boss, Dan leads both the sales development and account executive teams. He talks about how the marketing funnel works and what happens once it reaches their funnel.

[07:05] Measuring response time, passing quotas, their qualifying process based on BANT, and the 5 basic wins before going to the account executive team

[13:30] Dan describes their average sales cycle, how active disqualification works, and he draws out their velocity equation based on their four metrics.

[18:10] Dan paints us a picture of their three pipeline dashboards, actionable triggers, and activity metrics. He also hints us on a good category of questions for interviewing in a company

[25:52] How their feedback loops look like and the different teams Dan interacts with on a daily basis

[30:31] The interview process at Twilio and the specific things they're looking for in candidates. Plus, make sure you send a thank you note to your interviewer.

[35:44] What they cover in training in three key categories: Product and platform; Processes; and Strategy in the deals

[38:00] Dan talks about his education, family background, and career experience: After taking four unpaid internships, Dan got a field sales role at Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, until he transitioned to Box while overcoming the impostor syndrome.

[48:33] The top 3 bullet points he says consistently to his people and the qualities he's looking for in managers. Dan also cites his favorite sales book.

If you're interested in landing a role at Twilio, visit twilio.com/careers. Dan says they're in a massive hiring spree right now!

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Join 1,055 other subscribers!

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