#75: Heather Swan – Journey From Retail to an Enterprise Account Executive at Zoom

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A San Jose-native, Heather Swan is the Chief Happiness Officer at Zoom, a video conferencing tool that works on any device. She started as the #15 sales rep and now Zoom has grown to support over 850,000 accounts worldwide, she has worked in every sales role within the company and has consistently hit her quotas.

Heather has previous experience in the retail sales space, particularly for Tory Burch shoes and medical devices. Today, she shares the perspective of founding a startup from an employee perspective and some qualities a great salesperson must have.


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Years in Tech1
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobEnterprise Account Executive
Date Recorded8/12/2017

Contact Info:

Heather Swan

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hswan/


Articles & Mentioned Resources:

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Show Notes:

[01:45] Heather describes the retail sales space, how the training is like in retail sales, and how it basically works.

[04:22] Breaking into tech, Heather recalls how she got influenced by her family to get into the tech space, doing medical sales until eventually transitioning to Zoom.

[07:12] Heather stresses “building relationships” as a top quality that she looks for in a great salesperson and the power of reaching out to people.

[11:30] Some tools and strategies they use daily for their sales operations, as well as some monitoring strategies they use to capture clients in a personalized way – they have close to 200,000 users signing up every day!

[14:00] Qualities they look for in people that make great sales candidates and the aspect of “culture fit”

[18:05] Heather explains how they leverage the power of nonverbal communication via video conferencing.

[20:00] Heather shares Frank’s role as Zoom’s secret weapon, a great example of why investing in your people is crucial to your success

[21:05] What to expect from Zoom in the years forward: innovation, video collaboration, and advances in tech – and how Heather manages the craziness in sales

[24:50] Some LinkedIn strategies and some cool and fun activities to do in San Jose!

[27:22] Heather underlines the importance of maintaining relationships and spreading happiness in any way you can.



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