#76: Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO of VaynerMedia

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Gary Vaynerchuk does not need an introduction. For those of you who haven’t heard of him yet, he is not only a rockstar entrepreneur, he’s an author and a speaker. He’s a four-time New York Times bestseller. He now runs a 800-person media agency, VaynerMedia. He is also an early investor in Twitter, Snapchat, and Uber.

Big on giving back and making people happy, the one legacy he wants to leave is that he has given more than what he has taken.

Years in Tech 10
Lives In: New York, NY
Current Job Founder
Date Recorded 1/26/2018

Show Notes: 


[01:30] How to become a successful entrepreneur: Understanding bubbles and self-awareness. Listen to his advice to a 22-year-old aspiring entrepreneur.

[06:50] Keep it humble as a start: Work for free for a couple of years and really learn from it.

[07:55] 99% of people are going to fail: Understanding the practicality of life

[09:05] How well are you spending your time? Gary says that if you want to be a billionaire, don’t waste each moment binge-watching TV or playing games.

[11:15] Learn why Gary thinks immigrants have a ridiculous advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship.

[13:40] Be careful who you surround yourself with! Try to find the most positive person. And what you can do to deal with a negative person in your family.

[17:45] The power of giving value: Learn how DRock tastefully reached out to Gary. Now, Gary gets paid $150,000 (minimum) just to give a speech – find out how.

[22:50] Gary explains the edge of a 40-year-old aspiring entrepreneur versus a 20-year-old. Are you 40 and above? Watch Gary’s video, 6 Minutes for the Next 60 Years of Your Life

[26:05] Gary is intrigued by investing in people’s companies where they’re 70 when starting their first every business.

[30:20] Gary’s thoughts on happiness and living for the weekend. He also shares his thoughts on cryptocurrency: There is no easy money!

[33:06] How to maintain your mental health: Gary talks about the power of self-esteem.

[35:20] Gary talks about his new book, taking a leap, why an entrepreneurship degree is just like a baseball degree, and his thoughts on college debt.

[43:45] Find out what Gary is most worried about in our world today.

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