#111: Ameer Brown – Coding Bootcamp Graduate who is a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe

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Ameer Brown is a Software Quality Engineer at Adobe. He talks about what it takes to be a successful engineer at Adobe. Outside of work Ameer also organizes parties. He also covers how that helped him take it to another level hosting parties in multiple cities.

From being a journalism major, he suddenly left his job, flew to LA, and applied to General Assembly. Through the bootcamp’s Opportunity Fund, Ameer’s coding education was fully funded by Adobe until ultimately getting hired (and he didn’t even apply for it!)

Lives In: Bay Area, CA
Current Job Software Quality Engineer at Adobe
Date Recorded 9/10/2019

Show Notes:

[02:00] 2 Types of Quality Engineer Defined: Find out the difference between black box testing vs. white box testing

[04:10] Ameer describes how their team at Adobe is organized and an overview of the Adobe Digital Academy, a transition program for underrepresented people in the tech space.

[06:55] Ameer recalls how he got himself into the General Assembly, just leaving his work and realizing that his life is his life and he’s going to do whatever is best for him.

[09:55] He chose to major in journalism thinking it was his strongest skillset that he didn’t have to develop but realized it wasn’t the industry for him.

[11:07] Ameer talks about how he applied to General Assembly with an essay and how he made his way to Adobe through the Opportunity Fund (without actually applying to Adobe at all). Everything was just paid for!

[16:25] What makes his role much different than all his other previous roles and his day-to-day life at Adobe

[19:00] Initially struggling at General Assembly, he wasn’t afraid to ask for feedback on how he can improve. After almost a year-long process, he finally got a job offer from Adobe.

[25:25] The power of mentorship: The Adobe Digital Academy paired him with a mentor who was supportive of him and motivating him.

[26:40] The benefits of a bootcamp: Ameer advises everyone to ask themselves how they learn best. He also talks about the importance of just going for things you want to do!

[28:50] How his event planning experience helped him and realizing his capacity to work. He also talks about the aspect of perseverance – something you can’t teach people!

[34:17] Find out who Ameer thinks would do well in this type of roles and some high-demand skills you might want to look into.

[37:00] The Adobe Digital Academy is partnering with various bootcamps (General Assembly included). Do your research on the participating companies. Be inquisitive!

[47:00] Reclaim your time: Discover why Ameer rejects the idea of conformity (it’s not just a millennial mindset). And what if we lived in a world with no money?

Contact Info:

Ameer Brown

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameerbrown/

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