#102: Austen Allred – CEO of Lambda School

Austen Allred is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lambda School. Recently coming out of Y Combinator, Lambda now has thousands of students. Prior to this, he served as a Growth Expert at LendUp.

Lambda School is an online bootcamp that gives students the tools and training they need to launch their career in software engineering at no upfront cost. Their end goal is to eliminate all the distractions related to income, living expenses & time so students can focus on transitioning into their dream careers.

They also don’t get paid, unless you get a job!

If you are interested in trying out Lambda's free 2-week web development course, you can check it out here!

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Lives In:San Francisco, CA
Current JobCEO of Lambda School
Date Recorded8/8/2018

Contact Info:

Austen Allred

Twitter: @AustenAllred

Lambda School

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

Lambda School

Y Combinator


Lambda Next

Personal Projects/Partnerships:

Lambda School

Show Notes:

[01:20] Alfred talks about dropping out of college, coding bootcamps vs Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), deferred tuition model, and bootcamp incentives vs colleges.

[06:35] Supply vs demand: The growth of the software industry, his thoughts about consolidation in the space, and bootcamp quality and standards

[10:40] The birth of Lambda School, its different tracks, and their application process. They seriously invest in their students as they only pay tuition once they've found a job.

[13:30] Lambda’s average hiring time, their 30-week curriculum, a day in the life of a student, programs, timeframe, and how Lambda is helping students get hired

[21:30] Alfred paints a picture of their student demographics, finding jobs in rural areas across the country, internships and apprenticeships, and project selections.=

[27:38] Doing things at a small scale, some general statistics and outcomes of their students, and Lambda’s sustainable solutions to the housing problem in the Bay.

[33:35] Traits they look for in their applicants and where they see Lambda in the future. Alfred also shares his personal story, living out of his car for months, and David's story.

[38:15] How to make your job search faster and the 3 reasons why people find it hard to find a job. Did you know Lambda’s spend in helping their graduates get a job is almost as much as their training program?

[41:45] Alfred's advice to those considering breaking into tech, their design programs, vision for new tracks, their 5-week in-house apprenticeships, and putting up a rock star team

[52:22] Twitter DM 100X!: How do you get better at Twitter? Alfred dishes out his honest answer. Did you know they met half of their investors through Twitter?

[54:40] Where he sees the bootcamp industry in the future and his thoughts on companies offering "education as a benefit"

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