Best Free Coding Bootcamps

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Computer coding covers a large number of topics and career fields. As a coder, you have a strong understanding of programming languages and can utilize that knowledge to design, debug, and modify software, web applications, webpages, and so much more.

However, learning everything associated with coding can be difficult, which is why coding bootcamps have become more and more popular. Today, people don’t have to read complicated books or take expensive courses over a period of years.

Coding bootcamps teach you all of the essentials of programming and you can become a professional coder within a few weeks. Some programs last as long as 40 weeks, and there are others that take far less time, some of which only last for six weeks while still covering a list of important topics.

Below is a guide to the best free coding bootcamps out there and why you should consider signing up for them if you want to start your career as a programmer.

Pursuing a Career in Programming

If you’ve ever considered working in the tech industry, a career in programming is one of the best ways to get started. With the constant growth of technology, programmers are constantly needed for all sorts of jobs and tasks. The highly technical field offers a great deal in terms of lucrative options and some programmers make well over $100,000 a year, depending on the company they work with and their responsibilities.

One of the things that many people fear when switching to a new career field is whether they can find employment. Programmers are in high demand, and it’s one of the job fields that experts project will keep growing in the future. You can find an entry-level programming position in a number of places and some of the largest tech companies in the world are still seeking programmers for various tasks.

In order to increase your chances of finding success as a programmer, consider learning some of the most popular languages, or learn a language associated with the jobs you’d like to do. Some languages are pretty universal and can be applied to multiple tasks, while others are better suited towards web development or game design.

Best Free Online Coding Bootcamps

Average coding bootcamps can cost thousands of dollars. While this price is much lower than what you’d spend at a university, it may still be too much for some people to cover. There are financial aid options available for those in certain situations, but another option is to take advantage of the many free coding bootcamps out there. Below is a list of the best free coding bootcamps that will take you from inexperienced to a professional coder within six months to a little over a year.

CodeCademyAmong free bootcamps, CodeCademy is one of the most popular and well-known. This online program is well-suited for beginners and intermediate coders. The courses teach students various popular coding languages, such as JavaScript and HTML. In order to improve their skills, students work on various projects and develop their portfolio for potential employers.

Fullstack Academy Prep ProgramIf you are new to programming and want to experience a beginner course for free, then Fullstack Academy  Prep Program has a free offering that is well-suited for you. The introductory preparation coding bootcamp they offer comes at no extra cost and it coves JavaScript over a 13-week period. These courses will help get the foundation needed to become a successful programmer and eventually earn a position in the industry. offers a unique approach to programming education. The courses in for coding and web development are compiled from various learning resources found all over the web. 

If you want to learn from multiple people and experience different approaches to programming, then is a good way to get started. There are several tracks for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and more. If you want a more comprehensive learning experience, also has tracks for front end and backend development, as well as web fundamentals.

BridgeBridge is a women’s programming bootcamp. Offering an 11-week course for software development, students work on multiple projects to develop their portfolio. The courses are designed to prepare students for real-world experiences they’ll have as a software developer.

Bridge is not an online bootcamp and classes meet two times each week. Instructors are experts who work in the industry to give students a genuine learning experience they can utilize for their careers.

Ada Developers AcademyWith a strong emphasis on providing more diversity to the programming landscape, this Seattle-based bootcamp provides a programming course to students in the local area. Offering full-stack web development courses that last for 27 weeks, the program is free for women and non-binary individuals.

The Data IncubatorIf you’re an experienced programmer and want to strengthen your skills, The Data Incubator offers free coding bootcamps. These courses give you the final few skills needed to become a professional in the industry, making sure you have the fundamentals needed to make it as a coder. Students can sign up for the program for free and employers pay a fee if they hire someone from the program.

Flatiron SchoolFlatiron School is one of the largest coding bootcamps around. With multiple locations all over the United States, students can sign up for the program and attend courses in-person and online. Their introductory courses are completely free if you are curious about getting started.

Free Code CampFree Code Camp gives coding certificates to its students for full-stack development and front-end development. This program is self-paced and there is a 1,600-hour curriculum that covers JavaScript. This bootcamp is particularly unique with its diverse community. Around 80% of its students are over the age of 25 and 20% of the students are women.

Kenzie FreeKenzie Free is an introductory coding bootcamp made for beginners. They offer a free and self-paced program online that gives potential programmers the chance to learn from a high tier bootcamp without having to meet any financial requirements. The Kenzie Free program covers the very basics when it comes to CSS, HTML, and more. Once you’ve learned those basics, you can take the introductory lessons for JavaScript.

Kenzie Academy’s courses give anyone who is interested in learning to code the chance to get a feel for it and learn practical skills that they can use to pursue a career in the tech industry.

RMOTRPython is one of the programming languages that is quickly growing in popularity. Many people are picking up on the language and utilizing it for various development purposes. RMOTR offers a 40month online program for Python Web Development and Data Science.

Students can interact remotely with mentors, teachers, and their fellow classmates throughout the time they take the course. Training involves a curated path where you always know what to do next and you are given real-life projects to help build your portfolio and increase your chances of finding a position.

RevolentRevolent is technically not a coding bootcamp, but it does offer tech education programs for free. These courses prepare students to become certified as a Salesforce developer, administrator, or consultant. Students can also be trained to become certified ServiceNow consultants.

Revolent courses last 10-12 weeks and are available in Melbourne, Amsterdam, London, and New York. Students are given a mentor to help support them throughout the course. Once a student has received a certificate of completion, they’ll begin working with a Revolent tech company partner for two years.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps can prepare you for a new career.

Pursuing a new career can be difficult, especially when entering a field where you have little to no experience. Dedicating years of your time to earning a degree, especially while working, is a tall order and it is not always possible for most individuals. When considering the costs, many people don’t think twice about making a career change and learning a new skill.

However, these free online bootcamps can give you the skills needed to transition into a new career field and earn more in a growing industry that is seeing more and more demand for various tech fields. Online bootcamps cover a variety of topics and can give you the certifications you need to successfully find a new job within a matter of months.

Not only are you taught the skills needed to become successful in the tech industry, but coding bootcamps oftentimes help you develop your portfolio through projects that simulate the work you’ll be doing on the job.

In addition to your portfolio, many bootcamps have instructors and faculty that have experience in the industry. You can receive hands-on advice and information from experts in the field and learn from experienced people what skills you need to acquire to find a position in your chosen industry.

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