#109: Cameron Yarbrough – CEO of Torch, on the Importance of Mental Health & Coaching

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CEO of Torch

Cameron Yarbrough is the CEO of Torch and one of the best leadership and executive coaches in the world.

In this episode, Cameron talks about coaching for everyone! How Torch got its start and the problems that many CEO’s, as well as startup employees, have when they are faced with pressure.

Lives In: Bay Area, CA
Current Job CEO of Torch
Date Recorded 8/15/2018

Show Notes:

[01:24] Cameron is interested in the intersection between psychology and business, reason he got into coaching

[03:05] Coaching being highly expensive can be hard to reach the mid-level employees. This prompted Cameron to find a solution by democratizing the service.

[04:13] What an executive coach really does and how it’s different from being a mentor

[05:33] What the Torch software does for people in terms of finding people and bringing in innovation through software analytics

[07:33] How they’re tracking performance through the power of feedback

[08:57] What is an OKR? It stands for Objectives and Key Results, a tool for driving results.

[10:00] How you can apply this methodology: read and work on yourself through things like meditation, journaling, and any kind of contemplation to know more about yourself

[12:20] The common struggles of CEOs and the types of new challenges they’re trying to face

[15:55] How you can convince investors to invest their dollars in something they wouldn’t normally invest in

[18:45] Some hacks Cameron is using to manage his own psychology and his relationship with employees on a daily basis

[21:30] Why surfing means so much to him in managing anxiety and some life lessons you can glean from it related to creating a startup

Contact Info:

Cameron Yarbrough

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-yarbrough-60579948

Twitter: @yarbroughcam; @torchlabs


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