#32: Carlos González de Villaumbrosia – Founder of Product School

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It is his love of tech that got Carlos González de Villaumbrosia to immigrate from Spain to the United States. Being good at numbers and video games, led him to study computer science at one of the top universities in Spain where he spent five years learning how to code.

Although he once dreamed of becoming a soccer player as a child, Carlos is a coach, not on the playing field, but rather in the educational space. He is a serial entrepreneur having started three companies including Product School that teaches product management to people who have the passion to do it.


Years in Tech 5
Grew Up Spain
Current Job Founder
Date Recorded 1/30/2017

Show Notes:

[1:59] Carlos talks about how he created his first startup while studying Computer Science in Spain and how it grew not just locally but also in Europe and the U.S.

[4:50] Why he created his second startup in Spain, raising money from VC’s, getting accepted to Start-Up Chile, and how he got back to the U.S.

[6:50] Carlos explains what it means to be a Product CEO and why he founded Product School

[10:15] His definition of product management and the three main characteristics that make a great product manager

[18:22] The different roles product managers can have and the two approaches involved in doing product management

[25:38] Carlos describes how you can develop yourself to become a good product manager.

[27:10] More about Product School: Here’s an overview of their application process, curriculum structure, mentorship, and job search assistance.

[34:05} What to expect during product management interviews

[38:00] Carlos illustrates the different career trajectories of product managers, their respective salaries, and various career backgrounds that break into product management.

[45:00] Check out if you’re qualified enough to get into Product School and what you can do now to figure out if product management is something for you.

Contact Info:

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

LinkedIn: Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

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Product School
500 Startups
Start-Up Chile

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