#64: Cristina Cordova – Head of Business Development at Stripe

Cristina Cordova is not just a rockstar, but she also leads the business development team at Stripe. She previously worked at Tapulous (acquired by Disney) and Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn).

Having broad experience and knowledge of business development, Cristina gives us an in-depth look at the role and its segmentation as well as her insights around the topics of diversity, privacy on social networks, and the power of storytelling.


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Years in Tech9+
Lives In:San Francisco, CA
Current JobBusiness Development
Date Recorded8/1/2017

Contact Info:

Cristina Cordova

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristinajcordova

Twitter: @cjc


Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources


Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Personal Projects/Partnerships:

The End of Privacy as We Know It?: The Ethics of Privacy on Online Social Networks

Show Notes:

[01:38] Cristina gives her personal definition of business development and describes the hierarchical structure at Stripe and their specific roles.

[04:10] How can you get into a business development role? Cristina cites examples of the different backgrounds of people transitioning into this role, and some qualifications they look into.

[07:05] Cristina walks us through the day in the life of a business development role and she recalls how they got their first partnership with Shopify.

[12:00] Cristina lays out the importance of empowering partners to build products, crafting an internal story about company growth, and her team's core qualities and capabilities.

[17:40] Having this passion for storytelling, Cristina talks about the power in the words you use and how you present it. Check out these exercises you can do to speak better.

[19:22] Initially wanting to become a lawyer, Cristina transitioned from philosophy and political science to technology. She wrote a thesis on the ethics of privacy on social networks. It was the 2010 Winner of Stanford University's Lyle and Olive Cook Prize for the best Ethics in Society

[22:30] The power of building social connections and how she translates the skills she learned from her early struggles into business development.

[28:48] Overcoming Diversity: How they improved the representation of their intern class at Stripe from 11% women and underrepresented minorities in 2016 to over 41% in 2017

[32:40] Segmentation within your business development team: How to get started and when you need to get started

[37:00] Cristina talks about her first full-time tech job at Google for seven weeks. Why did she decide to leave? And lessons you can take from this experience.

[39:15] Cristina gives her thoughts on the current privacy of social networks these days and how you can protect yourself.

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