#123: Dan Friedman – COVID-19 Response from the Co-Founder of Thinkful

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Dan Friedman is the Co-Founder of Thinkful, a coding bootcamp that provides online courses Software Engineering, Design, and Data Science courses. Dropping out of Yale, Dan is proof that you don’t need a college degree or certain qualifications to find your way to success.

Thinkful is the first coding bootcamp that came out and created offerings for people impacted by the COVID-19. Listen in to find out more about their initiatives. Another thing Dan emphasized today is the principle of reversibility.

Lives In: New York
 Current Job: Co-Founder at Thinkful
Date Recorded 04/02/2020

Show notes:

[03:00] What Thinkful does and their two types of programs offered: the flexible program and the immersion program.

[05:26] What makes Thinkful different than a traditional college and why they’ve aligned the incentives between the school and the students

[08:10] The three different COVID-19 initiatives they’re doing in the face of the millions of people filing for unemployment: the Flex Program, scholarships, and ISA opportunities

[11:30] Dan’s thoughts on the ISA (income-share agreement) amidst the pandemic crisis

[14:15] About the Flex Program: They’re offering courses where you can enroll for a month free in software engineering, data science, data analytics, U/X design, and product management. Please check this out!

[18:15] What is the future of education? Dan shares his thoughts on bringing the cost down and driving employability up, and his advice for students and teachers adjusting to remote learning.

[24:30] Better things you can do while on lockdown (besides Netflix!) so you don’t waste your time

[27:40] Dan’s undergrad time at Yale and what made him decide to drop out of college. Takeaway:  Reversible decisions should be made much faster.

[33:10] Dan’s advice to risk-averse people: It’s more of an emotional thing than a rational process. Focus on the transition!

[35:12] The biggest lessons Dan learned from his fellowship squad

[37:15] The playbook for success while we’re all in this crisis and why there is no better moment to try than now!

Contact Info:

Dan Friedman

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/danfriedman2

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