#42: Dan Pickett – Founder of Launch Academy

Based in Boston, Dan Pickett founded a program called Launch Academy built around the premise of helping people become the best version of themselves. Graduating over 500 people, the school is now set to expand in Philly along with some plans to create a virtual adaptation of their on-campus experience.

Starting his company at 15 years old, which is indicative of his entrepreneurial, hungry, and passionate spirit, Dan encourages people to not let age become a barrier if you’re interested in entrepreneurship. This episode explodes with nuggets of wisdom from Dan as he talks about the different keys to success, not just about searching for a job, but also on the power of maintaining your personal psychology.


Years in Tech10+
Lived InBoston, MA
Current JobFounder
Date Recorded3/16/2017

Contact Info:

Dan Pickett

Launch Academy

Twitter: @dpickett

Email: dan@launchacademy.com

Articles & Mentioned Resources:


Learning Resources

Tony Robbins videos

Personal Projects/Partnerships:

Launch Academy

Show Notes:

Growing up in the Boston area, Dan recalls the start of his entrepreneurial journey in high school, having an uncle as a mentor, and becoming a full-fledged web developer.

Dan discusses software as a communication problem first and the power of developing listening skills and asking great questions.

How Dan used his experiences to drove him to start up his school and their core curriculum which they've drawn out from their students.

Dan describes the traits of his first hires who became instrumental in the creation of Launch Academy, how he met with his co-founders.

The whole premise of the Apprenticeship Model and why you should consider joining the Launch Academy

Types of companies looking to hire Launch Academy graduates, some tips to help prepare for applying to their bootcamp, and their curriculum breakdown

The Launch Academy payment model, refund policy, and the 8-week, virtual Ignition Program, and student demographics

Dan describes the patterns of students who really succeed, breaks down their placement rates, and some tips when choosing a bootcamp.

The vision for Launch Academy, their expansion plans, and making education more accessible through a virtual adaptation of their on-campus experience

Dan shares the keys to a successful job search and some effective ways to make the right connection that can help land you the job.

The importance of personal psychology and doing mindfulness techniques to keep you sane and the one thing that surprised Dan getting into tech

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