#110: Dan Rosensweig – CEO of Chegg, the Playbook for the Modern Day Student

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Dan Rosensweig is the CEO of Chegg, an American education company with the aim to provide education that is less expensive, more available, more affordable, and more relevant. On the podcast, Dan explains how it’s their responsibility to learn from, listen to, and build for young people.

He was formerly the COO of Yahoo! and CEO of Guitar Hero. He’s also on the board of several amazing companies.

Dan admits Chegg was considered a failure for most of its first 7 years. 8 1/2 years later, they’re a $3.5 billion Education Technology company and is considered a leader in their space.

Lives In: Bay Area, CA
Current Job CEO of Chegg
Date Recorded 8/20/2018

Show Notes:

[01:55] Chegg was created to help young, overburdened, and overtaxed people, and put students first.

[03:30] Is college still the American Dream? Dan points out how everything is now more affordable and more accessible, and so should education be!

[06:07] The use of data and big data: Recognizing patterns is very important so people can make better decisions. Chegg helps students bridge the gaps in their skills.

[08:25] The future of bootcamps: People today need to know what technology skills they have to have, even at least understanding modern-day tools and apps.

[12:40] Knowing these universal skills can benefit you: Communication, Critical Thinking, and Language (in today’s world, it’s Technology!)

[13:55] Dan thinks we should take away the stigma of calling “tech” because people confuse that with coding. He stresses the importance of investing in yourself!

[16:00] Message to parents: You want your child to understand that the world is changing, and the pace of change is different than it was when we were growing up.

[20:40] Find out where the name Chegg came from and why it was named as such. Dan explains why internship is so valuable.

[24:10] Dan talks about his career beginnings – getting laid off and landing an awesome job – the greatest lesson he has learned from this, and how his family shaped him.

[31:10] Students First: The current educational system is not designed to serve the “modern-day” student (where the average age is now at 25). Discover the ways Chegg is changing that!

[35:05] What they’re looking for in a team: Chemistry + Attitude + Collective Success. Dan highlights the different roles in their company.

[42:55] Dan’s daily routine: Sleep + Exercise + Nutrition and Lifestyle + Meditation + No Drama. Dan also shares great insights into selling!

Contact Info:

Dan Rosensweig

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielrosensweig

Twitter: @DanRosensweig


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