#35: Everette Taylor – How a 17-year-old who was homeless in High School rose to become the Chief Marketing Officer at Skurt

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Everette Taylor is not just any 27-year-old. Don’t be fooled by his age. To date, Everette built four companies including GrowthHackers.com, which he co-founded with Sean Ellis, Millisense Marketing Consulting, and GrowthPub.

He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Skurt, a mobility startup delivering rental cars-on-demand. Additionally, he was recently announced as the National Brand Ambassador for the NASA Startup Initiative and has been honored as a Social Influencer of the Year by Black Enterprise.

This Southside Richmond, Virginia-native, shares an extremely inspiring story of how he was able to achieve all of these accomplishments despite being homeless at young age.

Now he travels the world speaking at various conferences while building and empowering his team at Skurt.


Years in Tech 6
Grew Up Southside Richmond, VA
Current Job CMO at Skurt
Date Recorded 2/8/2017

Show Notes:

[02:25] How Everette got inspired to join Skurt, affordable mobility defined, and how Skurt comes into the picture

[08:25] A day in the life of Everette as a Chief Marketing Officer and the things he strives to do each day

[11:12] Everette explains the different roles in his team,  the hiring process and the importance of Growth Marketing

[19:20] Everette emphasizes the huge role of data and the importance of having KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and the ICE (Impact, Confidence, Ease)

[23:30] Resources you can use to learn more about Growth Marketing such as GrowthHackers.com and the best way to learn these growth marketing tactics

[30:11] The key things Everett looks for in candidates, what he means by “understanding people,” and how you can tap into your Most Valuable Customers

[35:55] How he became a National Brand Ambassador for the NASA Startup Initiative and how this program can impact aspiring creators

[39:55] Everette talks about working at an early age, growing up in poverty and the two important things he learned from being homeless

[52:45] How he got that one shot, broke into tech, created various companies including GrowthHackers, MilliSense Marketing Consulting, and GrowthPub, and what motivates him to get up everyday

[1:16:15] Everette describes managing his personal brand and how he looks at personal branding now

Contact Info:

Everette Taylor

Email: https://21.co/everette/ (It’s $20 but all the money will be donated to Black Girls Code)

Twitter: @everette

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources



Startup Grind


Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

Black Enterprise



Personal Projects/Partnerships:

Everette’s one-on-one interview with Tristan Walker

NASA Startup Initiative


MilliSense Marketing Consulting


Black Girls Code

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