#61: Gabe Moncayo – Founder of Always Hired who Helps People Get Into Sales

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Breaking Into Tech

Gabe Moncayo is the CEO and Founder of AlwaysHired, a three-week teaching program focused on training sales development representatives. A Bay Area-native, Gabe grew up in a family with roots to South American. He never went to college and instead got his first job in political fundraising. Gabe transitioned over from nonprofit to for-profit orgs where he did lead generation and worked at several startups. He was so passionate about the skill that he wanted to focus on teaching other people from nontraditional backgrounds about how to break into tech via the sales route.


Years in Tech 5
Lives In: Bay Area, CA
Current Job Founder
Date Recorded 5/6/2017

Show Notes:

[01:28] What Gabe learned from sports and how his family background influenced him to get into politics at eighteen years old

[04:17] Gabe is a South American Jew, which is rare! (There are actually a lot of Jews in South America, specifically in Argentina.) Listen to this interesting history.

[05:15] Gabe describes how their political fundraising worked and why he thinks a lot of the pathways society has put in place are broken.

[07:24] The role of a Sales Development Representative (SDR), the organizational structure, close rates, and the relationship between SDR and marketing

[10:45] How Gabe transitioned from the nonprofit to the for profit sector and one very important sales aspect his leader taught him which allowed him to level up quickly

[13:10] From selling leads to working at a tech company, Gabe talks about how his career took off when he was brought into the management world.

[17:33] Gabe illustrates their curriculum, unique pricing structure, promotion timeframe, and why Gabe thinks these three pillars of having a business have changed in technology.

[22:24] How to pitch yourself through question-based selling and some check boxes hiring managers go through when hiring SDRs

[28:00] The importance of ICP (ideal customer profile), having a sales stack, and following up and the difference between an inbound lead and outbound lead

[33:10] Gabe cites some disqualifiers from their program, some examples of their homework/assignments, student demographics, and their qualification process

[38:38] The three promotion tracts out of an SDR role, the lifestyle of a salesperson, commissions and the shift he sees in technology from an educational standpoint

[46:45] Gabe shares the vision for AlwaysHired in five years and the biggest thing he learned from a psychological perspective

[50:15] Why Gabe would tell his younger self to slow down, some sales mentors Gabe loves, and why process is highly important

Contact Info:

Gabe Moncayo

Twitter: @GabeMoncayo

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabemoncayo/


Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources


Secrets of Question Based Selling by Thomas Freese

Trust the Process  by Scott Leese

Personal Projects/Partnerships:


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