#41: Kim Han – Biz Dev Deep Dive: from Tango to Business Development at Square

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Growing up in Taiwan for 17 years, Kimberly Han moved to Seattle to go to College where she majored in Psychology while minoring in Dance. For majority of her adult life she was a professional tango dancer and a teacher as well as a voice actress for eight years. Until one day she realized she wanted to break into tech.

Having been able to successfully translate her dancing and acting skill-sets in sales, Kim currently works as a Business Development Rep at Square. She is also an organizer at One Salon SF, a weekly social, cultural, intellectual gathering of a community of over 2,000 people in San Francisco.


Years in Tech 3
Lived In Taiwan
Current Job Biz Development Rep
Date Recorded 3/23/2017

Show Notes:

  • The three things Kim decided to do while teaching dance in St. Louis
  • How Kim describes business development around the context of building relationships, her typical day, and role progression on a sales team
  • Why Square encourages competitiveness and how they do it in a way that’s fun
  • Kim discusses her motivation to break into tech, her interview process at Square, and some interview tips: voice tonality, active listening, and the “yes, and…” attitude
  • How Kim told her story when applying for her first job and how she was able to translate her previous skill-sets into a job in sales
  • Kim recalls how she got into tango dancing and how she used TaskRabbit to ultimately transition into tech
  • While teaching tango and doing task-rabbit simultaneously, Kim just dropped everything, did Semester at Sea, and went backpacking around the world for a year.
  • Kim’s advice to Liberal Arts graduates who are considering various jobs and some great strategies for reaching out to people you want to connect with.
  • Learn more about One Salon which is an organization that cultivates deep relationships and incorporates fun activities such as improv to help spark provicing conversations.
  • Some preconceived notions Kim had before breaking into tech which she eventually changed her mind on.
  • Kim opens her Bag of Intense Questions (she’s literally carrying an envelope in her bag filled with though proviking questions) as we throw some fun questions at each other.

Contact Info:

Kimberly Han

If you listened to this podcast, you will know how to find her!

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

Google Calendar
Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross
Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
Semester at Sea

Personal Projects/Partnerships:

One Salon SF

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