#73: Kyle Woumn – Software Engineer at Twilio, who Turned an Internship into a Full-time Offer

Kyle Woumn is a fullstack engineer on the messaging experience team at Twilio, a cloud-communication platform that integrates communication into apps. A Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, Kyle did internships at GE and Twilio. He's also part of the National Society of Black Engineers and he is currently building an app that fosters an online community for Black Greeks.Today, we take a closer dive into getting internships and how you can leverage those in order to get full-time offers.

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Years in Tech1
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobSoftware Engineer
Date Recorded10/12/2017

Contact Info:

Kyle WoumnLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-woumn-7b401b5a/Instagram: @kyleculus @KhemetNetworkSnapchat: @kjwade3Twitter: @kyleculusKhemet

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning ResourcesTwilioNational Society of Black EngineersCEISMC - Georgia Institute of TechnologyHOPE ScholarshipChallenge - Georgia Institute of TechnologyGTSBE (Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers)Greek Life - Georgia TechCareer Fair at Georgia Tech (College of Computing)Sneaker Bots - SeleniumCodecademyPhi Beta Sigma - San FranciscoPersonal Projects/Partnerships:Khemet

Show Notes:

[02:20] Kyle explains what Twilio is and how you may be using it without even knowing it. He also describes their daily stand up and the agile methodology including the 2-week sprint and bite-sized tickets.[05:20] Timur explains the benefits of using the Agile Methodology and how it works[06:29] Kyle illustrates the breakdown of their "sprint retrospectives" and how it can help them to improve. [08:00] Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Kyle talks about family life and some educational programs at Georgia Tech including CEISMC and HOPE Scholarship[15:25] Kyle discusses the differences between software engineering and computer engineering (they're actually two different things!) and why he switched from computer engineering to computer science.[18:48] The mission of National Society of Black Engineers and the corporate relationships built at Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers (GTSBE) - Listen as Kyle debunks this fake news[21:20] Kyle talks about his internship experience at GE and Twilio through Georgia Tech's Career Fair. He also shares some advice to get your foot in the door. (Hint: Companies are BIG on personal projects!)[29:05] How Sneaker Bots work: Bots are slowly taking over now![31:30] Kyle discusses his internship experience at Twilio, its internship structure, the power of mentorship and asking questions, and how to solve real-life challenges[38:44] Kyle shares his two cents about the importance of developing your people skills and going after opportunities[42:20] His biggest advice if you're someone that likes to break into tech and he shares his experience working as a CTO and building an app called, Khemet, a social network for Black Greeks.
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