#72: Marco Morawec – Founder of The Firehose Project (Remote Coding Program)

***As a thank you for listening to this episode, Firehose Project is giving the first 20 people who are looking to kickstart their career in tech 50% off the deposit for their full web development program.***Born in Germany, Marco Morawec is the co-founder of The Firehose Project, an online coding school that helped over a thousand people learn how to code remotely and become engineers. They also got a 1-million dollar grant from TechHire to help more people from under-represented groups to gain tech skills.Marco got his undergraduate degree and Master's in Public Policy and Management from the University of Constanz in Germany. He formerly worked as a Product Manager at an advertising firm called Jana.A self-taught software engineer who is big on networking, Marco believes people should not be coding in isolation. Listen in as he talks more about their programs and how people can learn how to code no matter who you are, or where you are.

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Years in Tech1
Lives In:Bay Area, CA
Current JobFounder
Date Recorded10/12/2017

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning ResourcesRunway Coworking SpaceJanaCodeNewbieLearn to Program by Chris PineAlgorithms to Live ByPersonal Projects/Partnerships:The Firehose ProjectTechHireRefugees on Rails

Show Notes:

[02:18] Marco recalls signing up for a pitch event in Summer of 2013, along with co-founder Ken Mazaika, initially for the pizza. Find out about their pitch that didn't exist yet, how they built it, and the awesome results![06:50] Finding the Space: Marco and Ken's thought process in choosing their place,how their first weekend teaching their class went, and some feedback they got[11:10] Scaling the Biz: Marco talks about doubling their price and how they actually got to teach at Harvard Business School[13:05] Marco describes the different mix of students that get into their class. After Harvard, they got sold out and the demand just started coming in. Then they started reaching out to other universities.[15:48] Why they transitioned from being an in-person school to an online school. Marco goes on to describe how the Firehose curriculum is structured in a personalized way.[12:47] Coordinated support: Getting help from mentors, Marco explains how they provide support to students who feel stuck along the way..[19:40] Marco tackles the benefits and the trade-offs of doing something remote in different perspectives.[21:25] Social Impact Initiative: Marco talks about their initiatives including TechHire and Refugees on Rails in Germany. [23:40] Not only are they helping underrepresented people, their programs are also set up for the blind and the hearing-impaired. How these people learn might just blow you away![28:05] Marco illustrates the apprenticeship system in Germany and the different specialized tracks their students go through. [33:05] Marco discusses what's coming from Firehose in the next few years, the organization's student demographics worldwide, and their pricing structure and scholarship opportunities.[37:20] Some possible career opportunities for their students and an overview of their immersion program and their personalized mentor-matching[43:07] Marco's advice to those learning how to code: He stresses the importance of feedback and networking. Plus, Marco tells an amazing story of some kids learning how to code.
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