#97: Ryan Carson – CEO of Treehouse on How You Can Start Learning to Code

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Ryan Carson is the Founder and CEO of Treehouse. He grew up in Colorado and is currently in Portland. Today, he talks about the future of education, work, and more!

Treehouse is an online school that teaches adults how to code and build apps so they gain a super power. Running for 8 years now, they've taught over 850,000 people how to code, with currently 80,000 enrolled students.

Their mission is simple: to change lives through rebooting the talent pipeline in America and the world!

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Lives In:Portland
Current JobFounders
Date Recorded6/20/2018

Contact Info:

Ryan Carson


Twitter: @ryancarson

Medium: @ryancarson

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryancarson

Instagram: @ryancarson

Email Address: [email protected]

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources

This Week in Startups Podcast with Jason Calacanis

Personal Projects/Partnerships:



Treehouse partnership with libraries

Show Notes:

[02:10] How Treehouse started as a blog Think Vitamin - Ryan talks about the importance of providing content with value. After six years of work, they had 3,000 paying students by the day of launch.

[06:00] Learn about Treehouse's unique way of teaching beginners around being vertically integrated.

[10:05] Why they decided to be 100% online since Day 1, the problem he sees with most bootcamps, and how they're looking to address this by investing and creating talent

[15:20] Ryan describes the Treehouse Apprenticeship Playbook and their efforts in making new developers successful

[16:25] As a white male, Ryan dug deep into systemic racism then ultimately built programs that foster diversity and mentorship support to be an inclusive environment.

[19:12] Treehouse has partnered with libraries across the U.S. where if you have a library card, you get a Treehouse account for free.

[20:05] Realizing they needed to hire diverse talent but they weren't doing it, they built a talent pipeline called TalentPath that creates diverse engineers for a company

[22:20] Ryan dishes out the playbook for beginners: how to work your way up to a decent, paid portfolio with real clients

[25:08] The story behind the name Treehouse and what to expect from them in three years - time to reboot the talent pipeline in America and the world!

[30:20] Find out the first thing Ryan does when he wakes up in the morning and his advice to college students considering tech as a career

[33:31] What Ryan thinks about student loans! Want to learn the math behind this? Get in touch with Ryan!

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