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Kyle Woumn

Kyle graduated from college and is part of the National Society for Black Engineers. He shares how he landed to internships at GE and Twilio and breaks down how he was able to turn them into full-time offers after he graduated.

Erica Prenga

Erica was studying graphic design in college, but decided to become a software engineer instead. On this episode, she explains how she used her negotiation skills to get a higher salary than she ever expected and what an Experience Developer does at Adobe on a day-to-day basis.

Soroush Mehrain

Soroush was born in the UK and graduated from college here in California. After studying Industrial Engineering and doing work for biopharma companies, he decided to switch and do software engineering at Uber and Google. Listen to learn more about how and why.

Nick Caldwell

Nick is in charge of over 100 engineers that are building Reddit, the fourth most trafficked website in the United States, and seventh in the world. He is passionate about mentorship and committed to sharing his insights on what it takes to work at the best tech companies.

Kristin Parke

Kristin taught herself how to be a security engineer, also known as a white hat hacker. This was after she graduated from college with a degree in Biology. She is also a pianist that explains how you too can break into tech.

Preethi Kasireddy

Preethi followed the traditional path into tech: graduated from college, became an investment banker, joined a venture capital firm (Andreessen Horowitz), and then decided to become a software engineer at Coinbase. She’s also a first degree black belt and you can listen to learn more about how all of this helped her career.

Mo Woods

Mo is a 6′ 10′ Richmond, California native that worked for several tech companies including Microsoft and Yahoo after playing Professional Basketball. His mother reminded him to make sure to study in college and he explains how that helped him break into tech.

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Breaking Into Startups Podcast has been featured as The 24 Best Podcasts In 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

After leaving their finance jobs, Ruben, Artur and Timur bought one way tickets to San Francisco, taught themselves sales and software engineering and networked with startups until they found jobs with some of the top VC backed startups. 

Several viral Medium and LinkedIn posts later, the Breaking Into Startups idea was born to help people from non-traditional backgrounds get jobs in tech. With over 200,000 podcast downloads, 10,000+ members in the Facebook Community and over 3 million people reached over social media, Breaking Into Startups has become the go to resource for people navigating and accelerating their careers in tech. 

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