#113: Tonio DeSorrento – Income Sharing Agreements Explained by CEO of Vemo

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Tonio DeSorrento is a New York-native who spent time in the Marines as a captain. He has also worked at several institutions including SoFi.

Currently, he serves as the CEO of Vemo Education, a leading provider of income share agreements, which is an innovative financing model not only for coding bootcamps, but also for traditional universities. They are working now with 22 colleges and universities!

If you’re someone looking to manage your finances as you’re preparing for a career transition, this episode is a must-listen!

Lives In: New York City
 Current Job: CEO of Vemo Education
Date Recorded 2/17/2019

Show Notes:

[01:55] Tonio describes how a share income agreement works where nothing is owed below a minimum income threshold. Find out how Vemo Education helps schools succeed with share income agreement.

[03:00] Education as a stepping stone to a job: How it was back in the 50s versus what it is today

[06:45] Income share agreement vs student loans: The response of bootcamps towards income share agreement – is it worth it? Learn its cost-benefit analysis compared to student loans.

[11:05] How colleges can stand out among students using income share agreement and why it’s probably even better than the GI bill.

[12:45] How schools can get started with Vemo Education and how bootcamps should consider credit knockout

[16:30] How students can position themselves for a successful career: the power of soft skills and the ability to learn new hard skills

[18:25] Understanding the finance piece: Some schools don’t want to be eligible for financial aid. Learn why income share agreement is very important and the role of venture capital in income share agreements.

[23:30] How you can structure a successful income share agreement business

[27:05] A brief background about Tonio – things he learned from the Marines and taking up Law – you can be excellent at anything!

[34:00] Tonio shares some great advice if you want to set yourself up for success: take ownership of your own career

[39:35] Tonio talks about consumer protection with regards to income share agreement

[50:18] The key things Tonio learned from the Marines that you can use for your career transition – the importance of followership and leadership

Contact Info:

Tonio DeSorrento

Vemo Education

Twitter: @TonioDeSo

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