#112: Chasing your Dreams with Young Guru & Rodney Sampson

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Rodney Sampson is the CEO of OHUB while Young Guru is widely known as Jay-Z’s DJ. On today’s episode, Ruben joins Rodney & Young Guru to discuss how and why they came together and why they’re passionate about creating opportunities for people outside of tech. OHUB has also partnered with Flatiron School, to give $1M in scholarships to people with color who wish to pursue a career in tech through coding bootcamps.

Lives In:

Young Guru – New York City Rodney Sampson – Atlanta

 Current Job: Community Organizers
Date Recorded 9/28/2019

Show Notes:

[01:20] Seeing a downward trajectory in the median net worth of black and Latin families, Rodney explains why he dove into learning about coding bootcamps and helping them.

[04:28] Knowing the financial aspect of the workshop and the power of creating strong connections

[09:20] Leveraging the influence of music: They explain what the music tour is all about

[15:05] The importance of having a safe space to build without bias, the dramatic shift in the music industry, and the pitfall of not being able to see things

[21:00] Having the ability to create the wave, not just ride it; and how competition creates the things we need

[21:55] The metaphysical basis of the 4th industrial revolution: millionaires are being made out of the intangible

[25:48] The pay-it-forward model and why the subscription model is the way the world is going!

[29:45] The need for reeducation of parents: what parents should understand about their kids to set them up for success

[33:00] How Young Guru and Rodney met and how they got into this partnership to bring people together

[36:58] How to get the influencers to start giving to coding bootcamps and understanding the concept of equity parity

[41:00] Partnering with the government (the different criteria the program is checking upon and what the church can help do to start the industrial revolution going

[46:52] STEM vs. STEAM: The power of understanding harmony. The significance is connected with your ability to change someone’s life, even when you’re not trying.

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