#65: Zac Otero – From the Meat Factory’s Floor to becoming a Salesforce Admin

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A Missouri-native, Zac Otero is a true testament that a four-year degree isn’t always an indicator of success. High school dropout, Zac Otero describes how he worked his way up the career ladder from working a blue-collared job working at a McDonalds, a popcorn factory, a grocery warehouse and a meat packing factory before landing a Salesforce admin role. He talks about how he got into this role, what Salesforce is, and how he learned through books before the online platform Trailhead came out.

As a Salesforce admin, Zac clarifies that he is certified to work with Salesforce but he’s not an employee of the company. He works for a public accounting and advising services firm, BKD CPA’s & Advisors.


Years in Tech 4
Lives In: Springfield, MO
Current Job Saleforce Lead
Date Recorded 8/28/2017

Show Notes:

[01:40] Zac discusses what Salesforce does as well as terms like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

[05:28] Dropping out of homeschool at 16, Zac illustrates Springfield, Missouri being largely manufacturing and agricultural. Discover why he dedicates himself to be a lifelong learner.

[09:10] Coming from a blue-collared background, Zac recalls working at McDonald’s and at a meat manufacturing plant located in a man-made underground cave.

[13:06] Find out the most important realization Zac picked from the variety of jobs he had that sparked his transformation as well as the skill sets he developed along the way.

[15:20] How Zac got into Salesforce – Shout out to his cousin-developer who walked him through it and how anyone can get into it without any background. And so he did!

[18:12] Resources Zap tapped into to learn about Salesforce (remember this was still before Trailhead came out) and his road map for transitioning from manufacturing to tech, learning while working.

[22:55] Zac talks about how Trailhead Playground allows you to build and test along with your education pass and the different courses Trailhead offers.

[25:15] How you can become certified as a Salesforce professional and  turn this into a job and some role trajectories for Salesforce administration (You actually don’t have to learn how to code!)

[29:52] Zac explains a brief overview of what Zac does in his admin role, an example of a project they’re working on, and strategies Zac did to actually get his first admin job.

[34:15] Zac’s plans for the future in terms of continuing education and evangelizing Salesforce

[36:43] Ruben describes the impact Salesforce has on sales teams and on the management perspective

[39:16] Zac talks about the scale of Salesforce communities around the world, some pieces of advice Zac would give his sixteen-year-old self (which you can learn from big time too!), and how you can overcome the impostor syndrome.

Contact Info:

Zac Otero


Twitter: @ZacOtero

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zac-otero-189599b1/

Articles & Mentioned Resources:

Learning Resources



It’s Possible: The Story of Zac Otero – Salesforce Admins

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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